Phone Fighter



Windows 32-bit

GNU/Linux 64-bit


Phone Fighter 2.0 Gameplay


In Phone Fighter, you must defend your jet car against an endless swarm of evil cell phones. Phones can come from four different directions.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to walk, the mouse to aim, and left-click to fire.

The default resolution is 1600x960. Adjust it in config.lua


Music by "Masterfireheart" SoundCloud

Source Code

All source code, Lua and C++, is under the GNU Affero GPL v3:

Git repo (read-only)

Highlighted source snapshot


2015, February 2nd: Phone Fighter is ported to Windows.

2015, January: A glitch in the asset pipeline was fixed, allowing Phone Fighter to have smooth shading.

2014, November 7th - 14th: Phone Fighter 1.0 is developed for the 7-Day First-Person-Shooter challenge.