Ludum Dare 28 - "Byte Raider"


3.0.1 Win32 download, SHA1 7152b18cddcc1d67a7789eb38ef505bc7c2b17ea

2.0.3 (Ludum Dare release)

Win32 download, 2.0.3, SHA1 0f4b05ffad3a0850052f19a0b82c81d20d687a3f

GNU / Linux 64-bit download, 2.0.3, SHA1 fef511574d23a6ec397974fc24ea207debf9f4b6

Source code, 2.0, SHA1 fdd0091b715873a0b68051f2790b3b6345d47df3

Warmup game: Walk Around and Look At Jet Cars

Win32 download, 3.0, ~6.8 MB, SHA1 46734692a0a7acce4a26cad5517f5bfb65021416

Win32 torrent, 2.0


The Lua code for Byte Raider is released in source form in each download under the Affero GPL version 3. The C++ source code is not available yet.


Version 3.0.1 was released on February 16th, 2014. 3.0.1 splits the Lua code into input, graphics, and gameplay, which will make future upgrades much easier.

Version 3.0.0 was released sometime around December 22nd, 2013. 3.0.0 removes the dependency on Qt and fixed a few graphical and gameplay bugs.

Version 2.0.3 was released for Ludum Dare 28 where it did not place.